Software Development Outsourcing

Online News Aggregation & Distribution service is a leading web-based news solution that automatically assembles and processes a varied news-source data structure into a standard format for content aggregation, content analysis, classification and category mapping, as well as distribution via local and international channels. With always-on service operations, the ThaiQuest news aggregation and distribution solution actively administers more than 1,000,000 news articles across 2,000 local and international news sources and release channels, guaranteeing its users another level of target reach effectiveness.


Simpler-Faster-Smoother Platform
Prepare a single format for all news aggregators & distributors

Real-Time Data Update
Updated news is available the very instant it is distributed.

24A�7 Service Operations
On-time delivery and full support, regardless of time-zone differences

Trustworthy Service Reliability
Guarantee service speed and reliability with multiple datacenters.

Various Distribution Channels
Cover all industries and target groups locally and internationally.

Data Security Control
Optional authentication settings and dynamic data protection are available.

For more info, please call 02 651 4747

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