“Aspen”A�is the leading stock analysis software, which provides market professionals with the functionality they require to conduct accurate, real-time analysis on any financial instrument. Aspen provides real-time financial data, analytics, and news from both domestic and international sources, and features a robust suite of tools for technical analysis such as customizable charting, trend lines, real-time price alerts, along with real-time stock quotes, indices, exchange rates, interest rates, commodities and futures, crude oil, metal, and coal prices, and much more, allowing serious traders and investors to trade with confidence in any market.

Aspen for Browser features:

  • 100% Web-Based: ASPEN for Browser is completely web-based and runs on any web browser. No software installation is required.
  • Personalized Display: Users can create and arrange customized screens according to their needs.
  • Cloud Sync Your Settings: Access your personalized screens/set-ups from any device.
  • Remote Upgrades/Updates: Software upgrades and data updates for all devices can be done remotely from the central server, eliminating the hassle of having to locally repeat the process on every device.
  • Market Data & News: Access both domestic and global data; track global market indices, exchange rates, energy, quotes, precious metals, and stay up-to-date with news from leading and trusted news sources.
  • Complete In-Depth Analysis: Online Drugstore, buy strattera online, Free shipping, buy sumycin online, Discount 10% in Cheap Pharmacy Online Without a Prescription Features all the sophisticated features available on ASPEN for Windows, the first-choice technical analysis software highly recommended by professional traders and investors in Thailand.



Is ideal for professional investors/traders who prefer detailed analytics and charts at the comfort of their own PC.

Allows you to be up-to-date with global market trends and stock prices from anywhere, and in real time, on your tablet or smart phone.